To calculate the use that is recent of as a lubricant and much more correctly determine the regularity of these usage,


Associated with 283 MSM signed up for the SFYMHS during the time concerns on saliva use had been introduced, the age that is median 35 years (interquartile range 33 36) and around 75% recognized as white, 4.9% as African United states, 10% as Latino, 4.6% as Asian, and 4.6% as “other.” Almost all (65%) of individuals had at the very least a 4 12 months degree, plus the median yearly earnings had been between $30,000 and $40,000, with 22per cent below $24,000 and 20per cent above $60,000. Seventeen per cent were HIV infected.

Life Use of Saliva as a Lubricant in Insertive and Receptive Anal Sexual Acts

General, of this 283 individuals, 87% reported saliva that is using a lubricant in a insertive and/or receptive anal sexual training (ie, penile anal sex or fingering/fisting) sooner or later in their life time (80% as insertive partner and 84% as receptive partner). For penile anal sex, 63% reported ever making use of saliva as a lubricant, whereas the insertive partner and 68% reported saliva use since the partner that is receptive. For fingering/fisting, 72% reported saliva use at some time due to the fact insertive partner and 77% once the receptive partner. Whenever quantifying the regularity of saliva why not try here usage as a lubricant in penile anal sex or during fingering/fisting over their life time, nearly all individuals (47% 58%, according to act) reported “some of this times”, 3.2% 20% reported “most of this times”, much less than 3% reported “all for the times”.

Saliva utilize as a Lubricant in Insertive and Anal that is receptive Sexual into the Past half a year

To estimate the present utilization of saliva as a lubricant and more correctly determine the regularity of these usage, individuals were inquired about their usage of saliva within the last six months. Associated with 283 participants, 91% reported having virtually any intimate connection with other males when you look at the previous six months. Of the intimately active males, 31% reported saliva used in the last six months with at the least 1 partner in insertive penile anal sex, 31% in receptive penile rectal intercourse, 47% in insertive fingering/fisting, and 45% in receptive fingering/fisting. Whenever on a just those males whom practiced each one of the respective functions (with or without saliva) within the a few months ahead of the see, the prevalence of saliva usage throughout the work had been, needlessly to say, significantly greater ( dining Table 1 ). When it comes to the wide range of lovers with who individuals utilized saliva as being a lubricant, the median had been between 0 and 1 partner, dependent on work. Nevertheless, there was clearly considerable variability with up to 4.5% 12% of individuals reporting saliva usage with ≥5 partners.

Usage of Saliva as a Lubricant in Penile rectal intercourse Relating to HIV Serostatus

We examined the usage saliva as an according that is lubricant the HIV serostatus for the individuals as well as their lovers. Concentrating on penile rectal intercourse, we unearthed that among HIV infected individuals whom engaged as insertive lovers, there is a considerably greater portion of partnerships where saliva had been utilized as being a lubricant when these males were associated with HIV partners that are infected57%) in comparison with HIV uninfected lovers (6.7%, P = 0.007) ( dining Table 2 ). Likewise, among HIV infected individuals whom involved as receptive lovers in penile rectal intercourse, there is a notably higher portion of partnerships where saliva had been used being a lubricant when these men had been associated with HIV partners that are infected72%) compared to HIV uninfected partners (30%, P = 0.002). The habits had been comparable, but not as marked rather than reaching main-stream analytical importance, one of the HIV uninfected individuals ( dining dining Table 2 ).

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