Exactly how: Lay her right back together with her feet raised most of the real means up and her ankles crossed behind her very own head.


Just how: nearby the side of a sleep or workbench, sleep in the forearm and hip of 1 part sufficient reason for her pressing her legs together. You stand and straddle her, entering from behind. Benefit: maintaining her feet pressed together enables a tighter hold as you thrust. Bonus: as opposed to you doing all of the work, decide to try getting her to thrust her sides somewhat to fit your tempo. Exactly how: From missionary place, she raises her feet and straight extend them out (developing a “V”). Benefit: this enables once and for all human anatomy connection with the vulva. Bonus: together with her getting her ankles. It may present security and looks hot!

Upstanding resident

Just how: She straddles you, wrapping her feet around the human body. You stand and support her in your hands. She will begin in the bed while having she is picked by you up without disengaging. (Or for the undoubtedly bold, she can jump aboard from standing position!). Benefit: You’ll want to distribute your legs somewhat rather than secure your knees. However if you’ve got a negative straight back this really is a really bad concept. Bonus: she is pushed by you up against a wall—very very carefully. Just how: You sit cross-legged (yoga-style) and she sits in your lap dealing with you. Get her to put her feet around you and then hug one another for help. Benefit: perfect for tantric intercourse. Rocking, not thrusting, is key in terms of this really position that is intimate. Bonus: Lock into each other’s deep look to place some additional “oh” in to the big O.

Champagne space

Just how: You sit and she sits together with you, facing away. Benefit: it can help her control the intensity and pace of the thrusts. Bonus: take to carrying it out from the stairs or even the side of the bathtub. Just how: She gets to a partial connection place, together with her weight resting on her behalf arms. You enter her from the position that is kneeling. Benefit: it permits you access that is easy stimulate her clitoris and therapeutic massage the mons pubis. Bonus: put one leg up against your neck for much deeper penetration.

The butt cruncher

Exactly how: Lay her on the medium tits straight back along with her feet raised and folded over making sure that her ankles take either part of her mind, then squat and dip your penis in and away from her vagina. Benefit: irrespective of getting that attention contact, the additional rush of blood into her mind will boost the ecstasy. Bonus: Dribble chocolate honey or syrup into her lips. It gets a lot more of her senses included and amps up the entire experience.

The seashell

Exactly how: Lay her straight back along with her legs raised most of the real means up along with her ankles crossed behind her very own head. You enter her from the missionary place. Benefit: Her fingers are absolve to work her clitoris. Bonus: “Ride high,” rubbing your pubic bone tissue against her clitoris, or “ride low,” straight stimulating her G-spot because of the head of the penis. Exactly how: You sit along with your legs right and she sits together with you with bent knees in addition to your legs. You then both lean right back. Benefit: provides you with both good views of each bodies that are other’s. You’ll have control of the depth, speed, and angle associated with thrusts. Bonus: make use of your hand to rub her clitoris. Get her to lean right back further for additional G-spot stimulation.


Just how: She lies on her behalf straight back as you straddle her. Afterward you carefully place your penis through the opening that is tight by her semi-closed feet. Benefit: Tightness escalates the intensity regarding the penetration. Bonus: Fondle her breasts or carefully hold straight down her wrists. Exactly how: You lay on the edge of the sleep and she sits you, dealing with away. Benefit: This move shall hit the spot…as in her own G-spot! Best for G-spot stimulation while she can utilize her arms to excite your scrotum or perineum. Bonus: Bring her knees nearer to her upper body, supporting her legs regarding the sleep.

Magic hill

Exactly how: You sit, feet bent, her leaning back on your own arms and forearms. She does the exact same and then inch toward her before you link. Benefit: You’ll both feel really linked taking a look at one another. Raise your stimulation by grinding her clitoris against your pelvis. Bonus: fall ice down her upper body and allow the water that is cold at the beds base of her pelvis. Exactly how: Through the missionary place, without disengaging, turn together on your sides, making use of your hands to aid your top systems. Gain: You will get exactly the same full-body press and can gaze into each other’s eyes. Bonus: take to intertwining your legs with hers or fondling her listed below.

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